Sunday, July 10, 2016

Sisters...Sisters...Welcome Little Lucy!

It's Christmas in July here in Lavender Forest! I received a really cute christmas coloring book from one of the HittyGirls members and we have a new member that has moved in Hitty Pepper now has a little sister Lucy!

All day long I was humming this song..Sisters...Sisters!  So I decided to find it now you can get this song stuck in your brain like me. ;-) Remember White Christmas? I Love that movie!

As I was saying before, I was humming the sister song it all day long as I was working on a box for my new doll Little Lucy. She needed something new and what a perfect thing to make but a bedroom for the sisters, so they could talk all night long, which they did, I like to never got them up the next morning.

I found the cutest blog post showing how to make these cute Room boxes for your dolls.

Here's what I came up with for my Hitty Pepper and her little sister Lucy.
I bought the box from Michaels craft store, then covered the inside with scrapbook paper, the bed is made of foam with a large washrag size cotton crochet blanket I made years ago but forgot about making, the box shelf on the side of the bed will hold books and new treasures, was an old jewelry box, then I put up a clothes rod just like the one on the website that I linked to and added my own mini flags that I hot glued to the box.
Lucy loves the new bed, it's super fun to jump on.

I just love how this turned out and now all my Hitty Girls wants a bedroom of their own.

Welcome To Lavender Forest Little Lucy! 


  1. New little sisters are fun to have around! What a colourful new bedroom!

  2. Hooray for a new little sister, and what a cute name. You did a great job on the room box. Celia

    1. Thank you Celia! It was really fun to make.