Sunday, July 10, 2016

Sisters...Sisters...Welcome Little Lucy!

It's Christmas in July here in Lavender Forest! I received a really cute christmas coloring book from one of the HittyGirls members and we have a new member that has moved in Hitty Pepper now has a little sister Lucy!

All day long I was humming this song..Sisters...Sisters!  So I decided to find it now you can get this song stuck in your brain like me. ;-) Remember White Christmas? I Love that movie!

As I was saying before, I was humming the sister song it all day long as I was working on a box for my new doll Little Lucy. She needed something new and what a perfect thing to make but a bedroom for the sisters, so they could talk all night long, which they did, I like to never got them up the next morning.

I found the cutest blog post showing how to make these cute Room boxes for your dolls.

Here's what I came up with for my Hitty Pepper and her little sister Lucy.
I bought the box from Michaels craft store, then covered the inside with scrapbook paper, the bed is made of foam with a large washrag size cotton crochet blanket I made years ago but forgot about making, the box shelf on the side of the bed will hold books and new treasures, was an old jewelry box, then I put up a clothes rod just like the one on the website that I linked to and added my own mini flags that I hot glued to the box.
Lucy loves the new bed, it's super fun to jump on.

I just love how this turned out and now all my Hitty Girls wants a bedroom of their own.

Welcome To Lavender Forest Little Lucy! 

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Hitty Pepper's Museum Dress

Hitty Pepper was chosen to have the museum dress made for her. All the Hitty girls got together and decided to go with steampunk. Hitty Pepper wanted really wanted to have some googles made but no one in the group could make them so they went with a ribbon on her hat instead.

Monday, June 20, 2016

House Cleaning and Redwall

Lavender Forest is in a uproar, someone new is moving in this week and all the Hitty girls are cleaning the house. Sweeping and washing dishes. Polly sent Pepper and Crowby to clean up the old cottage for the new resident. 

The girls are chatting, Diane started singing an old song her mother used to sing while she worked, the girls had no idea what she was singing but it was a lovely tune.

At the Yellow Hat meeting the girls decided to read Redwall book, they started right away, and got pretty far in the book last night, Pepper just loved it, and sat very still while they were listening to it being read last night, Miss Michelle had the book on tape, so everyone got to listen. She couldn't stop talking about it all morning. 

So when Polly told her and Crowby to go down the road to the cottage and start cleaning, they snuck out to Miss Michelle's office and started watching Redwall on her laptop. They only dared to watch one episode of the cartoon, not wanting to get caught by the other Hitty girls.

They found a perfect sword laying on Miss Michelle's desk, after the movie, they took that with them when they walked down to the cottage, sword fighting acting out scenes from Redwall along the way, Pepper was Matthias the mouse and Crowby had to play King Bull Sparra.

Pepper has never been brave enough to fly on Crowby but he lets her ride on his back sometimes, they pretended to be flying in the air to go save the abby.

Pepper was so busy playing that she didn't hear her friends come into the cottage.

Crowby flew off and Pepper tried to hide the sword behind her back. Like they wouldn't see it. They made Pepper and Crowby start bringing in the furniture for the cottage, while the girls arranged it all for the future occupant. They had a special surprise they wanted to share with everyone.

After the room was finished it was time for some refreshments. The girls forgave Hitty Pepper and Crowby, the two really worked hard to make up for playing around when they should have been helping out. Violet brought over her grandmother's tea set and served up some delicious herbal tea for everyone. They were celebrating getting the cottage finished, they all worked really hard today. Also... 
Happy 35th Wedding Anniversary Miss Michelle! With Love... Your girls, Hitty Pepper, Crowby, Polly, Diane and Violet.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Yellow Hat Meeting

We had our first Yellow Hat Meeting, it was nice outside so we had the meeting while we watched Miss Michelle as she was learning to carve.

We mostly got to know each other, Hitty Violet just moved here this past week so it was nice to hear about her home.

She really loves herbs and was telling us all the things we could do with the lemon balm Miss Michelle has growing in her flower garden.

I think we had a good meeting and we all decided we would read the redwall books over the summer. 

We all thanked Hitty Polly for getting all the yellow hats made for us.
Hitty Pepper

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Hitty Diane Arrived From Russia!

Hitty Diane finally arrived in Lavender Forest! I was the first to meet her and show her the new house we will be living in. The house was made by Miss Michelle's Father for her 5th Birthday, She wouldn't tell me how long ago that was, but I think it was a really long time ago.

Hitty Diane is so beautiful and funny, I think we will be good friends after all we have been pen pals for ages. I'm so glad she's going to live here with us. It's so exciting! I can't stop jumping around. Hitty Polly is touching my arm trying to get me to calm down. She's so level headed.

We are both so happy to have a new friend and remark about how nice her outfit is, she tells us about her trip to the United States and how she got stuck at one station for two days. Wow she really must be tired.

She is so sweet, isn't she!

Hitty Diane tells me that she would like to see her room and change into something more comfortable and to take a short nap. I guess I was a little excited and was talking a mile a minute. Poor thing.

After she took a nap and came back down to the living room, we all had a really nice visit until really late in the night. We are so lucky to have such a sweet new Hitty living in Lavender Forest. Me and Hitty Polly are both so happy. Welcome Hitty Diane to Lavender Forest!
Hitty Pepper

Friday, June 10, 2016

New Hitty moved into Lavender Forest this week! Hitty Polly

Hitty Pepper was so excited to meet her new friend that came to live in Lavender forest, she knew they would be fast friends.
Hitty Polly found a patten in Miss Michelle's sewing room and got busy straight away making her a new dress. Hitty Pepper really wanted to go outside and play but she wanted to be nice to her new friend, even though she really hates to do crafts, she would try and help her out if she could.
Hitty Polly found the perfect fabric for her new dress and so did Hitty Pepper, Miss Michelle promised she would make her a new dress soon.
Hitty Pepper found two fabrics to make her dress, she was quite excited about it, both the girls cut the dress out.

The top of the dress is finished, now to finish up the skirt part, Hitty Polly was a little embarrassed to have on just her knickers but it was just us girls so no worries.
At last she was all finished, Hitty Polly couldn't be more happy with how the dress turned out, while Hitty Polly was making her dress Miss Michelle made both Hitty's an apron to do house work in. So they wouldn't get their dresses dirty. Hitty Pepper is so happy to have a friend in Lavender Forest. 

PS. If you would like to make the dress just like Hitty Polly's on the left, you can get your very own pattern here.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Finding The Perfect Trunk at The Annual Yard Sale In Lavender Forest!

Every year Lavender Forest has a big Yard Sale and the whole community gets involved. Me and Crowby stopped at our favorite place, the Second Hand Rose Thrift Shop. We really didn't have anything in mind, but Crowby flapped his wing and move some old rugs and under all that I found a wonderful Trunk!

"Look what you found Crowby! It's just what I've been looking for a Trunk to put all my things inside."

"Plenty of room in the trunk, don't you think Crowby."

"It's so big I can sit inside of it. This will be perfect for trunk for the  Hittygirls Challenge too!" 

It was a fun day at the yard sale and next year I bet it will be even bigger.